I'm going abroad! To Italy! I'll be studying physical theatre at the Accademia dell'Arte in Arezzo for this exciting spring semester. On this blog I will write about things I eat, places I go, things I eat, people I meet, things I eat, classes I take, and things I eat. You may read and be hungry. MUCH LOVE AND I MISS YOU!

Monday, February 21, 2011

arezzo from above

it's been a very very long time since my last post, and michael did his faithful duty of chastising me for this horrific deed, so rather than doing my philosophy homework i shall grace the internet with my tales of grandeur.

wooooah it's been a long time since my last post - i went to florence last weekend (as in like, 8 days ago)! 'twas fabulous! i didn't actually go into the uffizzi or the accademia, so i plan on returning to actually go into the museums. instead, i just wandered around the different piazzas. i saw the duomo (gorgeous), the statues outside of the uffizzi (stunning), strutted across the ponte vecchio and ate fantastic food. AND AND AND there was a chocolate fair going on! all of piazza santa croce was stuffed with chocolate things. there were shoes made of chocolate, tools made of chocolate, a chocolate kebab vendor, and anything dipped in melted chocolate that you can ever imagine. it was basically heaven. the only sad part about florence is that i brilliantly left my camera's memory card in my room in arezzo, so my camera was essentially useless. thus i have no pictures to show you of the chocolate or gorgeousness.  florence, although fantastic, also helped me appreciate how much we are almost the only americans in arezzo. florence was stuffed to the gills with tourists and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it was nice to return to a place where we were the exceptions as americans and everyone gladly helped us practice italian.

last week was another fantastic week of classes, although i got pretty sick for the first half of it so i spent a good amount sitting in the corner in many layers of sweatshirts :( an italian doctor came to the villa though for all of us sick folk, and with the help of a translator he managed to diagnose me with something-or-other and i'm all better YAY! translating "post-nasal drip" was a challenge.

this most recent weekend i stayed around arezzo rather than trekking off to anywhere else in italy. saturday i strapped on my athletic self and went hiking with my friends stuart and maggiejo in the hills above arezzo. it was so so so gorgeous. beyond words gorgeous. i put some pictures below, but they don't really capture how fantastic it was. we were originally planning on hiking all the way to alghieri (spelling might be completely wrong) and then taking a bus back, but we got about 2 hours up the path that was supposedly leading us there, and it forked. not believing in things like maps, we had no clue which fork to take. we were, however, at a gorgeous mountaintop villa/gated estate, and so while we were half trying to figure out where we were and half gazing in awe at the gorgeous property, the owners drove up. of course we tried in our fluent (horribly broken) italian to ask them which fork to take. there was only one minor problem in that we couldn't remember the name of alghieri. oops. so we didn't even really know what we were asking for. despite our stupidity though, they took us through their gorgeous house so that their garden-keeper could attempt to tell us where to go. they were completely useless in showing us directions, but seeing their adorable and gorgeous property was fantastic nonetheless. and they were very enthusiastically useless.

we eventually made it back by way of an adorable town called san polo, from where we took a bus to arezzo. that was a very strangely constructed sentence. but regardless in san polo we stumbled upon a church that had sections dating back to the 4th century. so cool. once we got back to arezzo we ate lots of food, and this week we start intensive commedia classes! i promise to (try to) post more often!

gorgeousness from above arezzo

part of the estate thing on top of the hill.

stuart and me and pretty views

prosciutto break!

this was so pretty it looks fake.

Friday, February 11, 2011

gnocchi night!

Just a shout-out to the fantaaastic cooks here at the Accademia - gnocchi night was a few nights ago and MMMM it was delicious. Here's a picture of my bliss :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

barbara streisand

I had a big breakthrough during open studio time tonight - one of the headstands we were working on in movement class was giving me trouble, and I can hold it now basically as long as I want! WOOHOO! It took me a little while to teach myself the right way to arch my back and balance my core instead of just kicking myself up - I had to overcome my instincts and trust my own ability to balance in a new way. I suppose that's some deep analogy for life, but for now it's just how I managed to stand on my head :)

ALSO this song, "barbara streisand" by duck sauce is ridiculously popular here, and I think it's hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu_zwdmz0hE

Sunday, February 6, 2011

il mio primo fine settimana!

I'm nearing the end of my first weekend in Arezzo, and it has been a blast! During the first weekend of each month, Arezzo holds an antique fair. Now every antique fair I've been to and/or seen and/or driven by and/or sprinted away from in America has been a rickety collection of ugly chairs. In Arezzo, antique fair means that the whole city - literally countless streets and piazzas - are all filled with vendor after vendor of awesome stuff. Beautiful jewelry, awesome leather bags, gorgeous old furniture and paintings, artwork, some clothing. I posted a couple pictures below of some of the awesome stuff lining the streets. Plus, everyone in Italy dresses beautifully, so going into town is kind of like living on a runway of a fashion show. And everybody has BEAUTIFUL dogs.

A huge success also occurred yesterday in that I found a hair dryer that won't explode the European sockets!! I can now coif without exploding the villa, which is a positive step. We went into salons for about two hours asking directions, and they kept telling us (to the best of our Italian knowledge, at least) that if we went to a certain piazza (which we couldn't find) we would see "tutto per capelli!" We were a little confused how sitting in a piazza would suddenly reveal to us "everything for hair," but we trudged on and eventually found the store named "tutto per capelli." I suppose that explains why we could never figure out the name of the place we were being sent to...

Saturday night we went to dinner at a delicious amazing place of which I can't remember the name, and then went to "la discoteca" for the night, where I attempted practicing Italian with bunches of locals. The people from Arezzo love when we practice Italian with them - it seems to amuse them just as if we were hilarious 5 year olds.

After a busy start to the weekend, we took a little bit lazier of a Sunday, playing a pick-up soccer game at a nearby park. And tonight we are taking our first step into an exciting yet terrifying realm : we're going to get non-Italian food in Italy, specifically Chinese delivery. Should be fabulous.

antique bidet. fabulous.

lunch in arezzo!

Dinner saturday night!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've finished my first week of classes, and they've been fantastic! Each day we have a movement class, a voice class, an italian class, and a philosophy class (each for 2 hours). As the semester progresses, our schedule morphs to have different focuses each week (one week of extra commedia training, a clowning week, a more intensive voice week, etc). For the first week though, we had a more even schedule to lay the groundwork. The teachers are all fantastic, have adorable accents, and I'm learning loads. ALSO, I'm ridiculously sore, so hopefully this implies that I won't have to worry about the Italian freshman fifteen!

There's an MFA program here at the same time, and two of the MFA guys are awesome jugglers, so if I return to America unable to do tons of crazy juggling tricks, please chastise me.

Last night was the first of multiple cabarets, when anyone at the villa (teachers, students, mfa people, whoever) can perform whatever they want. It was awesome to see how much amazing talent, humor, and variety is here. There's an open air market in Arezzo today and another fair here for the weekend, so I'm excited to explore a little on my weekend off from class.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Villa time

I've made it to Arezzo! Well actually, I made it to Arezzo on Monday, but whatever. We were all bussed from Florence on Monday night to the (gorgeous) villa, and spent the last day and a half doing orientation things, eating fantastic food, and meeting everybody. Today is the first day of classes, so I'm really excited to get going onto that! Here's a few pictures of my beautiful new home :)

My room in "la casina."

View of Arezzo from the roof of one of the villa buildings.

The villa!


Arezzo is beautifulllll.