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Sunday, April 17, 2011

jeremy's tippy tap part due

so remember how my roommate was on tuscan tv and i promised you to eventually send the link along? (if you don't, go read my post called "teletruria"). we found the link! if you go to www.etruriamediagroup.tv, then click on "archivo," then scroll down until you can click on "talenti alla ribalta," then click on "23/03/2011," then you will be brought to a gourmet viewing of the evening!

you may need to download a plug-in: if you need to, jeremy did and it didn't spam his computer.

also, the video player is quite bad. as in, it doesn't allow you to fast-forward or any of that jazz. if you right click, however, and go to plug-in settings (i think that is what it was called), and re-set it to open videos in quicktime, then you can open the video in quicktime and have more control there. jeremy is at the very end of the video, i make awkward cameos throughout. i wish there was a better viewer so that i could point you to specific times and you wouldn't need to sift through an hour of italian semi-talent, but if you are bored i now present to you fantastic procrastination material!

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